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Who We Are? Listen from Happy Customers of Festivo.Store

Related to the Festivals and Occasion, Festivo Online Store is bringing to their customers, creative and featured products and offers! And your response and love enables and motivates us to work with more productivity and effectively to become more reliable to you. There is an admiring review of one of our kindest and friendliest customer, you should read it.

EID-UL-ADHA is one of the most celebrating events in all over the world. A lot of people especially and eagerly await for this event. The main thing or Sunnah on this day is “QURBANI”. Everybody have their own reasons for their joy on this day. But the main reason of happiness is again “QURBANI”. 

Since we are blessed to have a one more  EID-UL-ADHA in our beautiful life. We will do the “QURBANI” with the permission of Allah Almighty. As we always Distribute The Meat to our relatives, friends, family and neighbors in bags but I wanted to do something different.

For making my EID better this time, I wanted to have some better and useful ideas for this EID’s meat . I had explored the internet for this and I found these boxes, bags and labels.

We can use these boxes, bags and labels for the distribution of meat and to preserve the meat for our use afterwards.

Distribution of meat :

          Everybody who does the QURBANI distribute the meat to relatives and friends. As we always want to present our things in a good and pretty way. If you are using bags then you can label them with the sticker labels. You can use these boxes which already have this sticker label on it. It is available in different sizes, you can have them and use them to distribute the meat.

You can write your name on it and the name of the one whom you are sending this meat. It will also have a good impression and will give a sense of pleasantness to the one who will receive it. And on the occasion of EID what could be better than to make someone feel happy because of you.

To preserve meat :

          Sometimes preservation of meat becomes a headache for women because in bags you have to remember that which one bag have which one meat. To prevent this headache or problem , there are two solutions to this problem.

  •  On bags direct writing is not possible , thats why we have to use labels instead of direct writing which will not erase the writing.
  • And if you use boxes which have labels on it, your problem will be solved.

You can mark on this that which type of meat is inside and you can also write the date on it. It is very useful to have date on it because it will be easy for us to remember and use this meat accordingly.

There is also an issue of smell and blood, either in distribution or in preservation. But if you use a good and high quality boxes then you don’t face these problems.

After EID our freezer looks like a mess, we use different types of things to organize our refrigerator. But if you use these boxes then you can organize them very easily without looking like a mess because of its boxy shape.

As EID passes, there are the parties, dawat and get together going on everywhere. So with the help of these labels and customized boxes, you can separate the meat for kababs, BBQ, Gravies etc etc…… and make your parties more captivating, tempting, toothsome, and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Personal Experience

          I have ordered these customized boxes, bags and labels from festivo.store to check it out and to decide whether I should order it from here for my EID. Their prices were so economical. I have received my parcel within 3 to 4 days. I have also received a Black Marker as GIFT from Festivo Online Store. The packaging was good that’s why my parcel was not damaged. The quality of the product was same as it was shown in the picture. Their services are good and team is very responsive and supportive. I am definitely going to order these products from here to make my EID more better. And definitely after EID also by preserving my meat in these boxes and label the meat for easiness.

I also suggest you to buy it from here for your EID and have a better EID this time. You can also check their website for more products like these.

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