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6″x6″ Customized Label Stickers for Meat Distribution & Preservation

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Get 1 Free Black Marker on every purchase of 36 or more Pcs

Personalized Meat Sticker Labels for BAGS & BOXES with these features:

• Material:

  • High Quality Stickable Labels
  • Freezer Safe
  • Water proof quality

• Size: 6×6 inches

• Options in Personalization:

  • Names : To & From.
  • Select Meat Type : Goat, Camel, Mutton etc…

This EID Distribute your meat bags with custom made sticker labels from us. Food grade Plastic disposable containers makes your gift a presentable Look. customised sticker labels will be pasted on the disposable boxes.

Make your Eid special with these customised bags including Name(To & From), and the Meat Type like Goat, Mutton, Camel etc….
Festivo Online Store is bringing your eid a new value with best quality products!

Let’s dive in it!


12 Labels, 24 Labels, 36 Labels, 60 Labels


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